Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Canadian Bloggers Christmas Home Tour 2015

Down Home Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!
I'm so excited to be a part of The Canadian BloggersChristmas Home Tour 2015 along with eleven other talented ladies, Hosted by Christina from the thediymommy and Shannon from AKAdesign You can scroll to the bottom of this post for the entire lineup of these talented ladies.
For those of you who've come from The Creek Line House tour welcome to my home!

Generations of my family come from "The Island" also known as PEI. Whenever we think or talk about the Island we refer to it as "down home"
My decorating reflects what I envision when I think of down home at Christmas. 

Keeping it  simple and natural suits me and my little home perfectly!
I had so many decorations to add but kept removing them as I felt that simpler was better for my small cozy space. 

I've used my go- to sugar pinecones which I love for their colour and texture, birch logs and seeded eucalyptus. I've kept my cotton stems out because it reminds me of snow on branches. Adding some plaid in the cushions brings in a bit of colour and pattern as well as that down home winter lodge feel.

The pom-pom garland I made last year was placed on my ladder and the pom-pom wreath moved to the mantel.

The boxwood wreaths are placed throughout and bring that lovely shot of green that goes with everything at Christmas.
Here I've placed one on a little vintage chair I found at a local thrift store, that sits beside the fireplace.

On the mantel I used these raw wood lanterns with little twinkle lights inside each one
and some faux greenery. I added this red berry wreath at one point to add a little colour and then removed it and replaced it with the pom-pom wreath.
My brass candleholders add a little old-world charm to the rustic down home feel.

I mixed things up here on the mantel by adding this large silver Christmas ball which was a nice contrast to all the natural elements.

Beautiful scented candles add so much ambiance to a space and this white pumpkin has been one of my favourites.

When friends and family drop by during the holidays, I usually set up one of two tables buffet style, It makes for easy and casual entertaining. With the small  table in the breakfast area I continued with my natural theme throughout by using  wooden candleholders, wood slices and burlap.

This lovely dollar store disco ball adds that little whimsical touch which helps to break up all the natural elements I've got going on. I love the way the light reflects all over the kitchen.

Nothing was immune to the boxwood wreaths including Mr. Moose!

I carried on with my simple, natural down home theme in the dining room...

The same natural theme was carried through with a linen table runner along with more plaid in the table napkins and cushions.
I loved the feel of this room, it really felt like you were in a down home winter lodge!

Thank you so much for the visit,
I hope you've enjoyed my down home Christmas house tour! I love to decorate my home and create an atmosphere where family and friends can gather and feel comfortable, welcomed and where we can all celebrate everything this season is all about..the birth of our saviour!

Now it's time to take a tour of my Canadian blogging friends' gorgeous homes. Come back each day to see a new set of home tours from Monday to Thursday this week.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Canadian Bloggers Fall Home Tour 2015

I'm very excited to be joining a group of 11 bloggers participating in the Canadian bloggers Fall Home Tour, hosted by the lovely and talented Shannon from AKAdesign and Christine from thediymommy!
If you've come by way of Nalle's House  welcome! If you haven't started from the beginning, you can check out the bottom of this page to find the links and  make sure you're able to view all of these talented women and their homes.

Happy Fall everybody!
I'm calling my tour the "Simple Fall Home Tour"
because I added simple natural elements that were easy to decorate with and fit in with the neutral vibe I love. Other than the pumpkins all the natural elements can be used for any seasonal decorating.

We'll start with my dining room which is the first room you see as you walk into our house.
I used soft white baby boos along with birch branches, salal leaves, seeded eucalyptus, some twinkle lights  and these gorgeous wood slices that make any tablescape look earthy and festive. I had some leftover linen fabric that I made a table runner out of along with napkins.

Next stop is the family room, I keep this room very neutral all the time and am able to change up the colour/décor by simply adding different pillows/cushions. In the fall I love to use brown in any shade, I feel it is so homey and in keeping with the season.

I kept my mantel very simple this year. I changed out the regular mirror that was up there and used my favourite twinkle lights, wooden candleholders and some cotton twigs...of course I added some pumpkins!

I love adding candles to the space and this "spiced apple" smells good enough to eat! Throw in a few sugar pinecones and you've a cute little no fuss vignette!

I keep the twinklelights and this pom pom wreath up all year long, they work in every season!

Here's another view of the family room, Bubs decided to make an appearance.

From the family room you can see into the kitchen and breakfast nook. I added a bit of greenery and birch along with a few pumpkins on my shelves with my ironstone collection.

Who doesn't like a trough full of baby boos?

Some of the greenery I used on the tables is faux greenery I got from the dollar store! Everything I decorated my fall home with  are things you can find easily outdoors and/or for not a lot of money!

I'll stop the tour downstairs as the upstairs is currently getting some new plank floors which are almost done and I can't wait to share with you!
I'm so glad you stopped by and allowed me to share my simple fall home with you.
The next stop on the Canadian bloggers fall home tour is Citrine Living.

Now it's time to tour some other Canadian homes all decked out for Fall. This Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we're giving you an exclusive tour of our homes with lots of autumn décor inspiration:
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Paint stripping at rhouse..

Just wanting to share a little change I made in the living/family room.
I wanted a little more of the rustic/raw wood in the room so I stripped the paint from my coffee table.
Yep, I think you'll either love it or...wish I'd left it alone.
I'm loving it...
Well I'm loving the finish, just not sure of the shape of the table.
Here is the before...a lovely minty green.
Because I have so many painted surfaces in this room I  felt that I wanted
a little more natural/rustic elements to balance it out.
As previously mentioned, I'm liking the finish, maybe not the shape. Not sure if the oval is for me, could be Im looking for something a little more rectangular.
I have a few designs in my mind of what I would actually like but will have to wait till I'm
able to work in my garage (it's freezing out there right now) to see if I can create my own.

I think this will do for now, I do love the natural elements with the rest of the finishes in the room. Bubs doesnt seem to mind either...Jack on the other hand...
He's not having any of it! Lol.

 Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spring spruce up

Hello again!
Happy Valentine's Day
 I know I'm a day late but yesterday was Valentine's Day and my 28th wedding anniversary!
It was a lovely day...hubby made me a great breakfast, got me a coffee from my favourite spot and gave me some beautiful flowers.
He made dinner reservations at our favourite restaurant but I didn't want to go out..really felt like staying in and relaxing by the fire..I know call me crazy but it's freezing here!
 Yep thats what we did..we were both happy!
So today I thought I'd do a little spring spruce up.
Just replaced some of the cushions with newer and brighter ones.
They really look orange in these pics but they are actually more coral.
I've also brought in this stump I picked up and removed the bark from. It takes a few
months for them to dry up? Not quite sure of the terminology but it takes a while.
I've got a couple more in the garage to find places for..I'm enjoying the rustic look of them
with all the white, 

I'm loving these flowers..if you've read my blog you'll know that I luuuuv hydrangeas!
Although they remind me of spring our -20 temperatures are telling me otherwise..

I also picked up these mirrors at Homesense.
What do you think of them hanging from the bookcase?
My oldest daughter told me that mirrors were to be hung on walls not bookcases...
so yeah she's not really into them hanging there.
I told her she need's to think outside the box, lol.
And yes I know that I've still got pinecones all over the place...It's only a spruce up not spring cleaning!

I hope you enjoyed the little touches of spring...it may not look like it or feel like it right now
but it is coming!

Thanks for dropping in for a visit
 and have a blessed week!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A few changes...

Hello everyone!
Just popping in to share a few changes I've made since the holidays...
I know it's been a while...again... but I've decided to share when I can and not to stress about it.
I can understand that most people would enjoy more scheduled posts but for now this is what works best for me and my family.
I usually post daily on Instagram for those of you who would like to see a bit more, I find it much easier to snap some pics on my iphone and share.
I'm @rhouse if you'd like join me.

                                    So...all of the Christmas decor is down...well mostly... lol.
There may still be the odd boxwood wreath hanging about but they can stay up all year long right?

For winter decorating I've kept out most of my pinecones and faux fur which just adds warmth
and coziness to these long winter days.
I made this pom-pom wreath over 2 years ago and have had it up since then..
I love it!
It's been hanging on this ladder with the sparkly lights that I've also kept up, along with my birch logs in the corner of the breakfast nook. What can I say, I love birch and I feel it fits in with every season.
I've painted a few pieces of furniture and sold the last one which was my coffee table.
This minty one is in here for now until I can fiind some new pieces.
I would love a rustic unpainted wooden piece next and am on the hunt!
I've traded out a few older pillows for new ones in grey/white.
I"m loving this union jack pillow I picked up from homesense.

The rest of the pillows are in a  thick tweed fabric and fit right in with the creamy white wintery decor.
It's so cozy here in the evening with the fireplace on...
but I'm looking forward to spring,,,

Thanks for stopping by...
Blessings to you!

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