Driftwood key holder

I can't seem to get enough of this driftwood! There is no end to what you can do with a piece of old water logged wood

I decided to put some of these little hooks that I got from Home Depot...

Onto this piece of old driftwood

I drilled a small pilot hole first and then screwed the screws in. Very easy.

I continued down the length of the driftwood

It is great for a place to hang your keys, leashes etc.

My husband hung it up by placing a few long screws with plugs into the wall and the piece of driftwood sits on it nicely. Great in case I want to move it.

There is still enough room to sit and put your shoes on and the keys don't get lost!

This would also be wonderful as a coat rack hung higher. Also would be great to use in a bathroom for towels. (Which is where I may eventually hang it once I redo the main bathroom.)

Hope you enjoyed yet another driftwood tutorial.
Thanks for stopping by!