Fur babies revealed...

Most of you have already seen Butters in previous posts. He loves to jump up on my cushions and "mushes" them down until he has a comfortable spot. Butters is a long-haired chihuahua.

This is my beautiful boy Jack. He is a mitted seal point ragdoll. Doesn't he have beautiful blue eyes?

He does think he's all that and more.

This is my seal point siamese girl "Tara" she is very shy and spends most of her time on one of our beds.

Tara dreaming of catching all those birds outside the window.

Call to order for the family meeting! They love to sit with us and snuggle on the sofa. My daughter Hope is shy along with Tara who wouldn't look at the camera.

Butters taking a nap.

Butters sunny side up!

Butters and Jack both doing the "ragdoll flop".

Bath time.

Jack opens up the shutters with his giant paws whenever he wants a peek outside.

Hope you enjoyed all my fur babies :)