Glimpse of Christmas

Hello everyone,
Every year I usually have a theme colour that I decorate with for Christmas. It is usually white sprinkled with a touch of colour. Last year it was a pale green. The year before was a touch of red. This year I love the juxtaposition of lovely white sparkle with rustic wood, twigs etc.
I'm trying out a few things here
I think this is where I'm going...

Right now everything is all over the place as I try to see if this is the look I want.

I also love mixing greens into everything, my favourite is cedar branches. They looks so festive even when draped over the counter! Here they are with some lovely hydrangeas.

This little olive wood camel fits in nicely don't you think? My hubby and I got him outside of Jerusalem as a keepsake after our camel ride.

I think lots of pinecones in every size.

Love the sparkle with the old linen. I just began making some new stockings. This one is almost finished. They are a little large... but I fill them up!

Yep, I think this is where I'm going...