A peek at my bedroom...

Hello everyone! I thought I would give you a little peek at my bedroom. It is not very big and so you think it would be easy to photograph however it  proved difficult with my little point and shoot.
Hope you enjoy...

The pillow cases with the crocheted ends were only 9.99 a pair at pottery barn. I thought it was a real find.

You may notice that the black mirror over the bed still has the price tag on it from Homesense. I've had it for over a month and am still  undecided. I was thinking of painting it  white and perhaps putting some candle sconces on either side of it  like the ones here

I will splurge on real flowers. Especially hydrangeas, and these ones dry beautifully.

Do you see my one ode to Christmas? One large silver ball! Will work on that soon.

One of my crystal nobs has fallen off can you notice it? It is somewhere in the room.

Yes I have a picture of myself up there, is that wierd ?

Picture of hubby and I.

We all know it doesn't always look like this! Although I try to keep the bed made and  my clothes in the closet, I usually have magazines, books and bibles all over the place! There is at least one fur baby up their as well.

Thanks for stopping by!