Annual Gingerbread House...

Hi everyone!
For years my daughters and I have made a gingerbread house every Christmas.

When we first started our tradition, I would design my own house, bake it and we would put it together with the myriad of candies we would buy from the bulk store.
Once I went back to school and then to work I discovered these wonderful little kits with everything included!  So easy!

We've managed to keep the tradition alive (unlike our annual tree cutting which ended last Christmas which I won't go into now because I  may start sobbing.)
So...even though my daughters are in their twenties they managed to make one of these...

Isn't it lovely? Complete with accompanying laughter, candy- eating -with -me- yelling- at -them- not- to and cat -playing -with -tiny- ball- candy!

I think they did a wonderful job! (much better than my girlfriend's and my attempt a couple weeks ago with two kits of our own!)

Thanks for joining me today and yes even when they're older you still display their artwork like it's the greatest creation ever!