Best of 2010 Projects

I hope everyone is enjoying the last couple days of 2010!
I've been enjoying looking at all the top 10 and best projects of 2010 and can't believe how gifted you all are! You have been so inspiring and am so glad to have come across so many wonderful and generous people.
I've only been blogging for a few months  now but have a few of my own little projects to share!

This driftwood candle holder was one of the first  tutorial projects I did.

This is what it looked like before all the pretty lights. I also did this with my birch log I used on my Christmas mantel.
This chair was the  first reupholstery job I've ever tried! The most difficult part was removing old staples...Ughh. But I think she turned out lovely.

This is what she looked like before I painted and reupholstered her using drop cloths.

I loved this little table that only needed a couple of coats of paint and a little sanding.

This is what she looked like before all the paint.

This was one of my favourites projects. I got this table with 6 chairs for $50.00 on kijiji.

This is what she looks like now and sits proudly in my little breakfast nook.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my little corner of the world and I look forward to sharing much more with you all in 2011!

I'll be partying with these ladies for the rest of the year! lol