Christmas mantel ...

My Mantel has been done for a week or so and my greens are a little wilted now. I may still change it up but here it is for now!
I really wanted to stick with my old stand by of light and sparkle juxtaposed against the rustic birch and pine cones. Love that look.

I took pics with the lights on and off.

The weather has been rainy and  it was very dark, not the best for taking pics, but my little point and shoot did ok. (Hoping for something a little better under the Christmas Tree this year! Fingers crossed)

I flanked the fireplace with these two little buckets. I had a vintage galvanized bucket but couldn't find another one so I bought this little guy on the left at the dollar store. I was going to cover them both in burlap but used the burlap for the bottom of my tree.

It is a winter wonderland mess but I really like it.

This wreath was the only item I bought new for the mantel. It was $16.00, I had everything else. I just loved the sparkle, which doesn't show well in the pics.

I bought these little battery operated lights that fit so nicely into my buckets. It looks really magical at night when they are lit up.

Hope you enjoyed your visit!

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