Painted IKEA bookcase...

Hi everyone. Well, It took me a few days but I finally finished this project (my back can only handle so much painting! lol)
Thanks for giving me your suggestions for which wallpaper to use. I think  almost everyone chose the blue damask which had been my favourite too. As you can see, I added the wallpaper to the back of the bookcase to give some added colour and pattern. It will also make any white I may place there pop. And I do like white you know!
I was originally looking for some extra storage space for my linen and had these two ikea bookshelves in my basement. I thought they wold look great with a coat of paint on em first.
I then came up with the bright idea of placing them in my family room. I needed some extra shelf space to put all my junk from too much thrifting little treasures.

Isn't it pretty?


You can see here from an earlier post that I had my round mirror hanging in that corner. Because there is a heat vent behind the sofa, the sofa needs to come away from the wall about a foot. This leaves a bit of dead space on either side of the sofa/window that needed to be filled with something!

This is what the bookself looked like before paint. I actually like this colour of stain but I find it hard to leave things unpainted!

After painting, I gave a light sanding to add a little distressed look. With the pretty wallpaper I didn't want the bookshelf to look too " precious".

Yes I know, my blue pinecones again, but they smell so pretty and and are so lovely to look at!

I've also added some of my beadspreads to the bottom shelves. The colours work so well and it's always nice to have some warm blankets on these cold winter nights.

In this pic, you can really see the wallpaper.

Here you can see the before and after together. Looks like I have more painting to do! Uggh!

It actually looks so cozy in the room and I'm so pleased to have all this extra space for my junk  treasures!

Thanks for stopping by, I do enjoy your visits!

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