Old door new headboard...

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I've been thinking about getting a headboard , well  probably making my own. I've been tossed between making one and slipcovering it in...well...white of course or maybe adding a little vintage wood. I love all those vintage ones out there made of gates and fences etc. but where would I find one of those at a reasonable price?

A few months ago our Pastor told us that the fire marshall had come in and our church that was built in 1899 would have to get our old 112 year old vintage doors replaced with new fire doors!

To make a long story short, I got to take one of those lovely doors home. Here was the headboard I've been looking for!

My husband, daughter and I spent an hour or so hanging this baby, It weighs about 150 lbs.!
It came painted in white. Not sure what kind of wood is underneath but it is solid.

Well here she is! ( I always genderize my new finds!)
 In these pics I was going for that lovely unmade bed look but didn't really achieve it. But you get the idea!
Yes, I know, I also need a new bedskirt and nightstands, that's in the project book.

Here is the top end of the door. You can see some of the 2x4 that is helping to support it, this will be painted out...eventually! lol

This is the bottom end with  some chips and scuffs.

In this pic you can see that someone painted over it unevenly with a different paint finish.

(I do add some colour and pattern to my bed  by way of throw pillows, just not in these pics!)

I was thinking of adding some trim at the top maybe giving it a little ledge with molding.
I was also thinking about giving it a good paint job and maybe adding some contrast with another color/glaze.

I'm actually afraid to distress it due to the fact that there is old paint on it and most old paint was made with lead!
Still not sure what to do with her but I think she needs a little something.

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