Sewing table to night table and bedroom mini makeover...

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I was busy last weekend working on a bedroom mini makeover!
Here is a part of the makeover.

I had found an old sewing table a few months back and thought what a great night table it would make! It cost twenty dollars without the sewing machine in it.  I spent the following months trying to find one to match it from a thriftstore. I finally found another one this weekend. It came with the sewing machine in it and was thirty-five dollars, too much for me but it was 50% off Fridays so it only cost me seventeen dollars!

You can see here in an old post what I had been using as night stands before. They were two little metal tables from IKEA.  While they held most necessities, It dwarfed in comparison to my kingsize bed. My bed is quite high and I wanted a table that would be high as well.

I painted both tables in my favourite white, Ben Moore's Cloud White. This table had three little diamond shapes on the front which I removed. I may add a knob to match it with the table on the right.


You can see the before pic of one of the tables here in an old post. You can also see those little diamonds on the front, a little too retro for me!

I removed the knob the table came with and added a little pink glass knob.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned tomorrow when I reveal my new bedskirt!
Be Blessed!

I'll be partying with these ladies this week:

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