Lampshade advice needed...

Hi everyone, Hope you've all had a great weekend!
I managed to get hubby out to an anitque barn and then out for lunch. You have to understand that hubby's idea of a good time is running, climbing or hiking and the whole thrifting/anitqueing on the weekend isn't his  kinda thing! Despite our differences, he has always been there to help load up a vehicle with my finds without batting an eye! Lol.
I managed to find a couple of things (well I found more than a couple, but a couple is what I came home with!) I'll post those later on this week!

Right now I need some lampshade advice!
Back in December I posted about this PB mercury glass lamp with linen shade that I absolutely loved!
There was no love between the pricetag and I however.

Luv the size, style, mercury glass, just a great  lamp.

That same week I stumbled across these lamps at a thrift store. They are somewhat similiar to what I had seen @ PB  in terms of size and shape, but instead of mercury glass they are some sort of mirror glass.

So here's where I need the advice. The lampshades I  have on them now are  from my old lamps. I've wanted to get some linen shades to match the PB ones.
It's been really difficult finding shades as these lamps are really large! I also have a next to nothing budget to work with and the linen shades can be pricey.

I managed to find these shades at homesense for $16 each. They have a cross between linen and burlap look to them and the size seems appropriate to the base. (I've heard that the shade should be at least 2/3 the length of the base in which this shade is). I've left the plastic on in case I need to return them. 

Here is another view with the lamp off.
What do you think?
Are you partial to the white shade or this linen look shade?
Should I just continue looking?
Should I get rid of the lamps all together because they are uber large? Lol.

Appreciate you all stopping by and giving your opinion!

Blessings to you!