Dying to show you this...

Hi everyone!
Just rustling through my cupboards the other day and found these:

They started out like this:
A pair of white PB linen/cotten blend pillow shams.
I had forgotten that I even had them!
I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them after reading and loving a post by Carol Spinski on dying thrift finds, you can find it here. Carol is an amazing photographer and stylist and has a beautiful blog!

If you have some things that you've forgotten about in your cupboards or have a great thrift find, how about giving them a new lease on life, so to speak, with some fabric dye!

I got together my supplies and used Dylon brand because that was the brand I found at my fabric store.
You'll need:
package of dye
iodized salt
measuring cup
measuring spoons
you'll need to use a stainless steel container, I used my sink, as well as a stainless steel stirring utensil.

I put on my gloves and  mixed the packet of dye in 500ml of warm water to dilute the dye. Then I poured my mixture into  the sink with 5-6 litres of warm water.

My brand of dye required that I put 5 tbsp of salt in the sink of warm water. Put in the dye mixture and stir/mix well.

I placed  both of my pillowcases in at the same time. My directions said to constantly mix/stir the fabric into the dye for 15 min.. I did it for maybe 10 min and then my back was sore from standing ,lol. Then you're supposed to  stir occasionaly for 45 min. I didn't want  my pillow cases to be as dark as the color on the package so I took them out after half an hour.

I then rinsed them in cool water until the water ran clear, after rinsing I washed them in the machine in warm water and then dried them. 

This is how they turned out. You can see that they're practically the exact same color as on the package. I must admit that I wanted them to be a little paler. But, it was my first try at dying fabric and I will know for next time. The color is actually a very lovely turquoise called "Bahama Blue" it even sounds nice!

Here they are with my  my daughter's bed spread in her room with a couple of her other loves. What girl doesn't love Tiffanys and she has all her little Tiffany boxes on display with one of my perfume bottles that she "borrowed"  from a little collection I had. It all has a lovely beachy feel to it and I thougt it would be a great direction for her room makeover.

Until she told me that she actually loves white and vintage! White and vintage? How does she know about white and vintage?!  I guess I've really rubbed off on her. Lol. Yes, she says she wants her bed all in white with some vintage. However, she does like this picture frame  I picked up today  and wouldn`t mind it...yeah right. Lol. Ok, I may have to use this direction for my other daughter, who btw, also loves Tiffanys!
 Not only will they not leave the nest, they want me to decorate it too! Lol

Thanks for stopping by!

I will be celebrating my 6 month anniversary of blogging in a few days and am working on a giveaway! Will keep you posted.

Be blessed!

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