A few visitors to my spring garden...

Hello everyone!
It's been a while eh?
I know...I've been busy with life and such, you all know what I mean I'm sure.
I thought I would share my spring garden and a few little critters who came to visit! Lol

Whenever I'm out in the garden my little munchkins follow me to watch whatever it is I'm doing (along with  watching some fledgling robins that my daughter and I have saved a number of times!)

Most of you will know by now my chihuahua "Butters", and cats "Jack" and "Tara", can you spot them all?

Here is Jack in the midst of my garden. He sits under this mulberry tree that I really trimmed back earlier this spring, he loves to hide under it and "study" the wildlife. I'm thankful that he is big and bulky and lacks any real stealth that is required to catch this wildlife.

I've added some hanging plants this weekend and fell in love with these blue lobelia.

Here is Butters beside a couple of hanging plants that I'll be putting out on the back deck.

Hubby was in the middle of hanging up the spring/summer screen door, so please disregard the mess.
This post is basically a before as I will be repainting the door and will be adding some different cushions to the muskoka chairs.

I love this pic because Butters and Jack are usually such camera hogs and they both decided to look away while Tara who is so shy decides to ham it up.

Lots of work to be done here but you can see my bleeding hearts in white and pink as well as my "snow in summer" in full bloom. I have a couple of peonies that will bloom in a couple of weeks as well as a couple of clematis.

I have a couple of pots of lavender to plant as well as some other plants to move.

I really should do some edging, add some manure, along with some mulch...

Now if only these little critters could pick up a shovel! Lol

Thanks for stopping by today,
blessings upon you all.