Very pinteresting kitchen inspiration...

Hey everyone!
I've finally got on the the pinterest wagon! I know, I know, what's taken  me so long? Lol.
All I can say is "Awesome"!
What a wealth of inspiration, from design to travel to it all.

During my "holiday hiatus" I've been working on (mostly ruminating over, lol) sprucing up my kitchen and breakfast nook namely with new lighting, possible paint and or soft furnishing changes.
Pinterest has been a little inspiring.

Here is a pic of the kitchen and nook.
When we finally took the plunge to paint those cabinets I swore that I would get rid of that
"boob" light...eventually
(If anybody out there is a lover/owner of boob lights please don't be offended!)

You can get a glimpse of the little chandelier I have over the nook area. Cute and only $15 from a thrift store, but this and the "boob" light are the only lighting in this area and is just not enough.
Something's gotta go!
My kind of colors
(via pinterest)
Look at the lighting in this pic from pinterest. Love the pot lights and beautiful hanging chrome fixtures and  ohh my...that blue/grey colour on the bottom cupboards!

(via pinterest)
Really liking the pot lighting in this pic.
I find pot lighting shines down and really makes the metals and glass in the space sparkle.

(via pinterest)
Yeah, I know... lol!
Vintage cupboards, Island, baskets, beautiful chandelier.
Very inspirational isn't it?

Well, the new lighting is up and I'm just deciding on a candelabra for the nook, I'll hopefully have something posted about that this week.

And then the age old question: Lose the curtains or the wallpaper? Lol.

What's inspiring you?