feature and a thank you...

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!
I wanted to thank you for all the lovely Anniversary congrats and well wishes, it was so sweet and we appreciated them all!

I would also like to thank Better Homes and for featuring my spring mantel from last year on their website.
 My mantel was one of 18 mantels featured for their
"Real-home Spring and Easter Mantel Decorating Ideas"
You can check it out here for some great design inspiration!

Nature-Inspired Spring Mantel

Some of you may have noticed that my blog address has changed back to
I had tried to log onto my blog a couple of weeks ago and it was gone!
What a shock!
My domain address had been taken over by someone else!
Not sure what happened there but I do apologize to those of you who have been trying to find me.
I can be reached at the old blogspot address.

Have a great weekend everyone!