Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Mantel

Hi everyone!
I just finished decorating my mantel for spring! I know... I'm a little late ;)
It's simple and has all my loves:
PB clear glass candle holders,
and some lovely ginger jars I got from a garage sale a few years back.

It's very simple and fresh with a touch of blue to echo all the blue accent cushions I brought in for spring.

The blue and white elements with the warm texture of the wooden baskets will flow right into my summer decor when I'll add some beachy/nautical pieces.


I Love these large hydrangea bushes!
I get them for $20 at Cosco every April. I'll leave them to bloom a little longer in their basket and then I'll cut the blossoms off and make little bouquets all over the house!
You can't beat 20 bucks for several large bouquets of beautiful hydrangeas.
The left over plant can then be transplanted into your garden.

Hope you enjoyed your visit today!
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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the crisp and clean look. Well done :)

  2. I like hydrangea's too as a child we played hide and seek behind them as they grew all around our house and were huge in summer but cut back in the winter...
    Merle from Sydney...........

  3. That looks very well put together, gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for the tip on the Hydrangeas. I'm heading right over to Costco.
    Your mantle looks very fresh and crisp.

  5. Beautiful... and very spring-y! I love the tip about the inexpensive hydrangeas! Never thought of doing that with the ones you see in the stores... I'll be on the look out at our local Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, etc....


  6. It looks perfect! I love the blue and white - so springy!

  7. This mantel is great. So fresh and clean. I'm coming over from the Bunny Hop and am now following you on GFC. Hugs, Kim

  8. Love the mantle! You just can't beat the beautiful blue of the hydrangeas. Love it with your crisp whites. Great you can later put them in the garden.


  9. Beautiful! Just stunning. Clean, bright and classy!

  10. Hi

    We are just cutting the last of our hydrangeas here in Australia now.

    I'm so glad you're back. Did someone steel your blog name? I tried everything to find you but kept on going to some generic website with your name even when I clicked on your shots in a google search etc.

    You may have told us already but I only just realised you were back up so missed what happened.

    Gee there's some meanies out there

    Ouch that must have hurt.

    Happy Easter and welcome back

  11. This was such perfect inspiration for me - we just received a bunch of blue and white pottery and two oversized baskets from my in-laws - I think they'd look great with some hydrangeas in them around our fireplace similar to what you have done here so thank you!

  12. Simply stunning - and the Hydrangea basket is just perfection! I love the ginger jars too (I have a pair of vases that are similar) - altogether a really spectacular Spring scene.

  13. Love those glass candle holders...they do so much for the mantel without taking attention from the other decor pieces. Your space screams Spring!

  14. I agree with kelly the glass candle holders are sweet.

  15. What a gorgeous mantel! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  16. Is there a problem with your blog again? I have come here every day to see if you wrote something, sorry but I miss your inspiration.
    I hope every thing is ok!


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