Garage sale finds and a peek...

Hey everyone!
I hope you're all enjoying the beautiful spring weather!
It's been lovely here in Southern Ontario and May always jumpstarts the
beginning of the garage sale season for us.
I wanted to share a couple of my recent garage sale finds and show you a peek of some changes
I've made in the breakfast nook.

I really enjoy the Saturday morning ritual of waking early, getting my Tim's coffee and
hitting the road to find those one of a kind bargains!
I'm careful to make sure I only take home things I absolutely love, absolutely need or that
"deal of a lifetime" lol.

I recently found this great white slip-covered bench which cost me all of $5!
It goes great at the bottom of my daughter's bed and she's been using it to store
her extra blankets and pillows.

Another favourite find are these PB look-alike mercury glass balls.
They have holes in the bottoms where you can place little battery operated lights inside.
They're on my mantel right now but I can easily see them on the table in the backyard all lit up for the evenings.
They cost me $1 each which was considerably cheaper than what PB was selling them for!

Here is a peek of a few low-cost changes I've made in the breakfast nook.

I'll be sharing what I did in the breakfast nook in an upcoming post.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see ya soon!
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