Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garage sale finds and a peek...

Hey everyone!
I hope you're all enjoying the beautiful spring weather!
It's been lovely here in Southern Ontario and May always jumpstarts the
beginning of the garage sale season for us.
I wanted to share a couple of my recent garage sale finds and show you a peek of some changes
I've made in the breakfast nook.

I really enjoy the Saturday morning ritual of waking early, getting my Tim's coffee and
hitting the road to find those one of a kind bargains!
I'm careful to make sure I only take home things I absolutely love, absolutely need or that
"deal of a lifetime" lol.

I recently found this great white slip-covered bench which cost me all of $5!
It goes great at the bottom of my daughter's bed and she's been using it to store
her extra blankets and pillows.

Another favourite find are these PB look-alike mercury glass balls.
They have holes in the bottoms where you can place little battery operated lights inside.
They're on my mantel right now but I can easily see them on the table in the backyard all lit up for the evenings.
They cost me $1 each which was considerably cheaper than what PB was selling them for!

Here is a peek of a few low-cost changes I've made in the breakfast nook.

I'll be sharing what I did in the breakfast nook in an upcoming post.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see ya soon!
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  1. $5 for that bench?!? WOW. Why can't I find pieces like this in my neck of the woods? Awesome deal, and a great bench too!

  2. Great deal on the bench! I love your mercury glass too. You found some pretty awesome things!

  3. Omg, you DID NOT get that slipcovered bench for $5.00!!! And i love love the lit up mercury glass balls... so pretty, they would be fabulous outside at night. And, all your ironstone and white looks so pretty on the shelves...


  4. Looks like you got some great things! That bench was quite a steal and I really like the mercury glass. However, the shelf is my favorite picture. It's so pretty!

  5. Nice finds!!! I love this time of year..going to Christie's on Sat. are you?? I will be happy if I come home with one treasure..I have been lucky so far,ABERFOYLE has been great this year..anyway,glad to see a new post from you! x0

  6. It's crazy wonderful what can be found out there. WAY TO GO! Your breakfast nook is gorgeous as ever! Looking forward to more!

  7. You find the greatest things!!! Can't wait to see the breakfast nook!!

  8. Great finds and awesome prices too! That is our youngest son and my ritual every Saturday in May and into June too. Tim Hortons and hitting some garage sales!

  9. Oooohh - I'm hooked already!! $5 for that gorgeous bench? Wowzer - please point me in the direction of that particular stallholder - that's AMAZING! Love your mercury balls too - and the kitchen shelves, in fact, before I use up too much space, let's just say that i love it ALL - you have great style, and I'm looking forward to having a long read through your previous posts!
    Best wishes from the UK.
    Paula x

  10. Wow that bench was a steal for $5!

    I had Tim's coffee once or twice when we visited Canada from Atlanta. :) You just brought back some memories for me.

    Love your curtains in the breakfast nook. Do you mind sharing where they came from?


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