Friday, June 1, 2012

Where has the wallpaper gone?...changes in the nook

Hi everyone!
 I thought I would show you some changes I've made in the breakfast nook.

I removed the old wallpaper and painted it a lovely soft green/grey/blue colour
called Chelsea Fog by CIL.
I also moved the "Farmers market" sign and placed it above the shelving.

In this "before" pic you can see the wallpaper that was removed.
Now for those of you who loved that wallpaper, so did I!,
but it was  getting a little dingy and started looking more yellow than green.
I also found it very difficult to find curtains with a pattern that would go with the
pattern of the wallpaper.

I've changed out my white linen curtains for blue/white floral panels that
fit in well with my blue and white beachy theme I use in the summer.

The panels are from IKEA and are called "Emmie Kvist"

I've placed some lovely white peonies cut from the garden in one of
my ironstone pitchers. The scent is heavenly!

I couldn't pass up the chance to show you my big boy Jack!
I know, I know...he's on the table, just don't tell anybody that I
allow this! lol.

Loving this time of year when the peonies come out, my pink ones are just about to bloom.
Thanks for dropping by,
hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh my! What a gorgeous space and a gorgeous cat!! I love the beadboard on the ends of your cabinets, too. I so need to redo my kitchen!!!


  2. It looks lovely and fresh...very pretty

  3. Very nice crisp clean look! Love your lights too.peonies are my fav yours are beautiful~Cheers Kim

  4. How beautiful!!! You inspire me to change things around. Is your cat a ragdoll? My daughter has two and they look just like him. Have a great weekend and thank you for sharing your beautiful home.

  5. I did love that wallpaper, but I know what it's like to want a change. The new look is just amazing. I love the sign! Jack is such a handsome cat!!

  6. Love it!!!!! So simple and summery!!


  7. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I love all the soft tones with the white. I've always said I'd have a blue kitchen someday but so far it hasn't happened. It will though! Jack is so handsome! He compliments the kitchen perfectly ; )

  8. Oh it looks bright and airy and fresh!!! Christies was wonderful got some great things...a grain sack and some antique cutting boards...going again to the Sept. one! Enjoy your kitchen and your weekend! x0

  9. Beautiful colour choice! Love it. :) Did I spy in one of the pix that you've put doors on under your sink? You had such a lovely fabric there, was there a reason? Or is the pic not showing the whole 'picture'?

  10. Allow it! You probably have no say in it, Jack WILL be on the table if he wants! If you tell him to get of, my guess is that it would be his main goal in life to be up there...
    Just when i thought your dining room couldn't be any more adorable, It is! The wall color and farmers market sign, all of it looks just perfect. I'll bet there are alot of people in blogland painting their dining nook that color right now, and adding shelves!


  11. Kim,
    It looks beautiful, as usual, so fresh and summery. Love it.

  12. Looks great!! The wallpaper was really pretty, but I love the paint colour!

  13. Your wall and shelves look so fresh and pretty, Kimberley! The curtains are lovely too, and I'm a fan of blue with lots of white. The pendants above the sink look great.

  14. It looks so cozy in there! Love the addition of blue.

  15. Good morning Kim. I was a fan of your wallpaper, but this looks fabulous as well. You have "the touch" for sure. The curtains are great...nice pop and I'm sure a big change for you. Peonies are always a fav around here too. The bench you found at the tag sale for your daughter's room is found it slipcovered already???....glad I caught up on your blog...Have a great weekend, Mariaelena

  16. Gorgeous space - love white and blue. Beautiful cat, too!

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