Christmas Urn...and life

Hello everyone!
I know it's been a while...lots of life transition stuff going on over here
and blogging had to go down on the priority list.
With so many external and internal changes  I've wondered whether to keep this blog
going or not.
It's been such a great creative outlet for me and I've really enjoyed it,
so I've decided to keep doing what I enjoy and will share when I can, no pressure!
I may add some new content but nothing too drastic!
Now on to my Christmas Urn...

It cost me all of $13 this year!
It' so easy to do.

I simply used  what I already had from previous years such as the birch logs,
giant sugar pinecones and my twig lights.
The magnolia leaves were $8 for the bunch and the cedar was $5.

 This is the first time I've used magnolia leaves and I love the texture and colour it brings.
It's hard to see the twig lights here but at night you can see them from across the street, it really lights up the porch!

Thanks for dropping by and blessings to you!
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