Anthro inspired pom pom wreath

Hi everyone and Merry Christmas!
Just had to share with you my anthropology inspired wreath!
I'm sure many of you have seen different versions of this anthro inspired pom pom wreath
making it's way around blogland.
I was smitten as soon as I saw it and had to try out my own version.

Never made a pom pom in my life, but it looked so easy, just wrapped some yarn around my fingers,
tied a knot, cut the ends and voila.
I just did that about sixty more times, bahaha!
I wrapped an old foam wreath base I had with some white ribbon to hide
the green base and used floral pins to place each pom pom.
There are many different ways to make these wreaths, but this way worked well for me.
It really was easy!

I placed a bow on it using some scrap red toile fabric I had.
It's the fabric left over from making the curtains you see here
in the breakfast nook.
I've used some red accents to liven up my Christmas decor this year and
I'm loving festive!

The wreath looks great without the bow too and goes so well with the birch.
I'll be able to keep this wreath up well into the winter season!

Jennifer Rizzo has done a great post on how to make mini pom pom wreaths
that are adorable, you can find it here.

Thanks for dropping by,
be blessed!