Christmas family room 2014

Hello everyone!
It's been quite a while since I've been on this little blog of mine and I'm not sure if there is anybody
 out there or
but I'd thought I would begin where I left off a couple of years ago!
Sharing my Christmas home with you all.

This year I wanted to add natural elements...which I ususally do anyway, and to make it a little more simple as well.

Not a lot of changes in my home since the last time I posted. This year I went with natural colours of grey, browns, burlap, a bit of sheepskin to cozy things up and some gold to spice things up.


Youl'll remember my pom-pom wreath from my very last post. I've kept that wreath up all year long, twinkle lights and all.

I went a little pom-pom crazy this year and added a wool pom-pom garland (anthropology hack) and intertwined it with this lovely little creamy tulle pom-pom garland that is also intertwined with little twinkle lights...added some burlap which looks gold in the twinkle light.

I tried  to keep the mantle simple this year. Having a corner fireplace means I've got a lot of area that can be I tried to restrain myself from loading it up and just added some large sugar pinecones, birch, little trees and my wooden candleholders. I made the white ceramic rabbit years ago  for my girls and it has a lot of sentimental value.  
Then I just swagged it with the garlands and burlap.

Chose this spin on my usual  birch buckets this year.

I added a gallery wall over my tv this year to try and fill in some of the negative space and decorated my staghead with a festive wreath.

He's a handsome fellow but looks a little off-coloured in this pic, the lighting hasn't been the best for taking photos... (tha'ts my excuse for poor colour in these photos! lol)

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share some of my home with you! Hope to share more soon.
Blessings to you all!