A few changes...

Hello everyone!
Just popping in to share a few changes I've made since the holidays...
I know it's been a while...again... but I've decided to share when I can and not to stress about it.
I can understand that most people would enjoy more scheduled posts but for now this is what works best for me and my family.
I usually post daily on Instagram for those of you who would like to see a bit more, I find it much easier to snap some pics on my iphone and share.
I'm @rhouse if you'd like join me.

                                    So...all of the Christmas decor is down...well mostly... lol.
There may still be the odd boxwood wreath hanging about but they can stay up all year long right?

For winter decorating I've kept out most of my pinecones and faux fur which just adds warmth
and coziness to these long winter days.
I made this pom-pom wreath over 2 years ago and have had it up since then..
I love it!
It's been hanging on this ladder with the sparkly lights that I've also kept up, along with my birch logs in the corner of the breakfast nook. What can I say, I love birch and I feel it fits in with every season.
I've painted a few pieces of furniture and sold the last one which was my coffee table.
This minty one is in here for now until I can fiind some new pieces.
I would love a rustic unpainted wooden piece next and am on the hunt!
I've traded out a few older pillows for new ones in grey/white.
I"m loving this union jack pillow I picked up from homesense.

The rest of the pillows are in a  thick tweed fabric and fit right in with the creamy white wintery decor.
It's so cozy here in the evening with the fireplace on...
but I'm looking forward to spring,,,

Thanks for stopping by...
Blessings to you!