Spring spruce up

Hello again!
Happy Valentine's Day
 I know I'm a day late but yesterday was Valentine's Day and my 28th wedding anniversary!
It was a lovely day...hubby made me a great breakfast, got me a coffee from my favourite spot and gave me some beautiful flowers.
He made dinner reservations at our favourite restaurant but I didn't want to go out..really felt like staying in and relaxing by the fire..I know call me crazy but it's freezing here!
 Yep thats what we did..we were both happy!
So today I thought I'd do a little spring spruce up.
Just replaced some of the cushions with newer and brighter ones.
They really look orange in these pics but they are actually more coral.
I've also brought in this stump I picked up and removed the bark from. It takes a few
months for them to dry up? Not quite sure of the terminology but it takes a while.
I've got a couple more in the garage to find places for..I'm enjoying the rustic look of them
with all the white, 

I'm loving these flowers..if you've read my blog you'll know that I luuuuv hydrangeas!
Although they remind me of spring our -20 temperatures are telling me otherwise..

I also picked up these mirrors at Homesense.
What do you think of them hanging from the bookcase?
My oldest daughter told me that mirrors were to be hung on walls not bookcases...
so yeah she's not really into them hanging there.
I told her she need's to think outside the box, lol.
And yes I know that I've still got pinecones all over the place...It's only a spruce up not spring cleaning!

I hope you enjoyed the little touches of spring...it may not look like it or feel like it right now
but it is coming!

Thanks for dropping in for a visit
 and have a blessed week!