Paint stripping at rhouse..

Just wanting to share a little change I made in the living/family room.
I wanted a little more of the rustic/raw wood in the room so I stripped the paint from my coffee table.
Yep, I think you'll either love it or...wish I'd left it alone.
I'm loving it...
Well I'm loving the finish, just not sure of the shape of the table.
Here is the before...a lovely minty green.
Because I have so many painted surfaces in this room I  felt that I wanted
a little more natural/rustic elements to balance it out.
As previously mentioned, I'm liking the finish, maybe not the shape. Not sure if the oval is for me, could be Im looking for something a little more rectangular.
I have a few designs in my mind of what I would actually like but will have to wait till I'm
able to work in my garage (it's freezing out there right now) to see if I can create my own.

I think this will do for now, I do love the natural elements with the rest of the finishes in the room. Bubs doesnt seem to mind either...Jack on the other hand...
He's not having any of it! Lol.

 Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!