Hi everyone!
These are some of the most frequently asked questions that I get:

What are the paint colors used in your family, dining and bedroom?

I use  Smokey Green CC 700 in both the family and dining room. My master bedroom is White Down OC 131 and all trim is Cloud White OC 130. All paint is from Benjamin Moore.

Where did you get your bed linen?

My bed linen is called the ruched duvet by Shabby Chic. I believe that this duvet is sold at Target, since we don't have a Target here in Canada (yet) I got mine from Ebay.

How do you live with all that white?

This is a great question! Lol. I've been living with white for about 10-15 years now. It all started with my white sectional form IKEA. When I first got it my kids were still fairly young and I think I kept it covered for the first couple of months with blankets! Everybody thought I was nuts! I had rules one of them being all meals were eaten at the table, this helped a lot. The great thing is that whatever I have that is white is washable, you may have to wash it a little more frequently but you know it's clean!  White is a way of life.lol, it may not be for everyone and that's fine.

Where did you get the wallpaper in your breakfast nook?

The wallpaper in the breakfast nook is an apple green and ivory damask. The brand is from Sanderson and I got it from a canadian store called CIL. I've recently seen it again and purchased more in a different color at HD.
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